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  1. feldyjan says:

    My 14-yr old kitty got very sick 3 months ago & diagnosed with possibly IBD, and then an intestinal lymphoma. She lost a lot of weight and has since been on a number of meds, including daily Prednilosone, and thrice-weekly chemo for a few weeks. While she did seem to be gaining strength slowly, she has been very slow to put on weight. We transitioned her to a freeze-dried raw diet a few weeks ago and now have found a brand that she seems to really like. Once that stabilized I started her on Kitty Greens. I was unsure if she would tolerate the strong smell of algae, and gave her a very small amount at first. To my great surprise she absolutely lapped it up. After a week or so she is now on 1/2 tsp daily, her appetite has grown, she wakes me up at 5:30am to tell me her dish is empty & ‘to get on it’. That is an absolute first!! And in the last 2 or 3 days we’re realizing her fur is more luxurious, and she is now ‘packing on the ounces’!!

    She loves her kitty greens, and drinks the re-hydrating water (very green!!) before she eats the meat! Thank you Sarah!!

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