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As an herbalist, I’ve experienced the amazing and gentle healing and nutritive qualities of plants.  Burdock, chickweed, dandelion, nettle, violet, yellow dock and many other “weeds” grow with abandon all around us and have a lot of nutrients to offer  – if only we become aware!  Most of these weeds, wild flowers and plants are very easy to grow, as are many of the tamer, domesticated greens and herbs – I can show you how to grow and consume them in the most delightful ways!

As a nutritional consultant, I’m very aware that some of the foods we eat are perfectly suited to create health and longevity for ourselves and our animal companions while some are best avoided altogether, as they have little to offer nutritionally and can often become problematic and result in imbalances, discomfort and disease.  Difficult as it is to believe, some of our favorite foods (dairy, sugar, breads) are often the cause of illness, inflammation, congestion, digestive issues and many other imbalances. By focusing on the foods and nutrients that are most beneficial, we can improve our health dramatically!  Been there, done that, and I can help you do the same.

My background is diverse, and includes Landscape Design, Animal Communication, and, the star in my crown, Clinical Herbalism/Nutrition.  I would not be the lively and interesting person I am today without my herbalism and nutrition training and the results I got from applying what I learned.  All of my fellow herbalists got amazing results, as well, by applying the principles of eating species appropriate foods and supplementing to meet all of the vital nutritional needs.  This awareness and my dramatically improved sense of well being fuels an ever-abiding interest in how we can achieve optimal health and wellness for ourselves and our animal friends. I want to help others learn to do the same.

An information fanatic, I’ve done a lot of research and have decades of hands-on experience, so within this blog you will find some eye-opening and important information that can dramatically improve your health and that of your animal companion.

What we will be blogging about:

Species-appropriate food – for people, dogs and cats

Herbs – Nutritive and Medicinal

 Gardening – Growing Herbs, Flowers and Foods that Heal

Recipes – Paleo and More

Herbal Magic – Learn to Make your own Herbal Magic

Book Reviews – Be Informed!

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

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  1. Miriam Holley says:

    I’m so glad to have this information and your help! Miriam

  2. Martha says:


  3. Miriam Holley says:

    Dear All who read this blog.,

    Important information about a new product that Summer Sun Herbals is carrying.

    Pain Salve

    When I put this lotion/salve on, I wasn’t expecting my pain to go away…perhaps diminished….but not to be gone. In our household we have tried so many pain relief products and potions and they never did what they said they would, reduce pain. Oh my God, what have you put in this amazing lotion? Within minutes I had no pain after applying it. My husband has bad arthritis and is very set in his ways…so it took me weeks to convince him to try my new salve. I was not surprised when he told me that his neck no longer hurt. He was able to sleep through the night and wake up without any pain…what a miracle. This is a product that truly WORKS…and it didn’t even come with information that guaranteed it would. He and I are both true believers! Please make us a giant jar…I can’t tell you how good it is to find something that really helps our pain.

    This salve helped us more than I can really say.

    Thank you Sarah Wadleigh and Summer Sun Herbals……what else are you making?

    Miriam Holley

    • Wow, Miriam… So happy my formula works! I have one jar left (will reserve it for you), and will be making more in the near future. Guess I better order some larger jars!

      I’m also making some great skin care products – toners, moisturizers, and scrubs – along with some great products for dogs and cats. My hydrosols are fabulous for everyday hair and skin applications, not to mention their heavenly fragrance! And nutritive greens for people, dogs and cats are now available.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Sarah of Summer Sun Herbals knows her stuff when it comes to caring for our animals and supporting their vitality through eating good food and GREENS! Under her recommendations I changed the food my dear old little cat was eating and have noticed the benefit! Not to mention I feel so much better about the freshly dehydrated meat I am giving her!
    I have been using Sarah’s hydrosols for almost a year now and find them of excellent quality and absolutely superb for my skin and whole wellbeing. When are you going to start selling your hairspray Sarah? It works great for a gentle hold without the hairspray hardness.

  5. Sarah’s healing herbs have helped my aging father, my dogs and myself when our bodies are in need of repair. She has made herbs, salves and sprays that are full of plant essence and are much kinder to our taxed bodies than the prescriptive medications that are so easily given out these days. Sarah takes great care in providing information on a particular ailment and has one of the most thoughtful and amazing relationships with plants and our planet. I highly recommend Sarah’s herbs to help your own unique healing process.

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