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The Fall Garden & More Rose Talk

I keep thinking I will blog about another subject, but my attention always turns back to the garden because my first-year perennials are showing some amazing growth.  Some are blooming out of sequence, which often happens with first year gardens. … Continue reading

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Delicious & Medicinal Herbs from My Gardens

Growing and consuming herbs and nutritive greens and berries is one of my greatest joys in life.  There are a lot of herbs and berries that LOVE growing here in Colorado, and here are just a few: One of my … Continue reading

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The Spring Garden = ANTICIPATION!!

Spring has arrived!  Many of my garden perennials (planted last Spring) are surprising me with their size and vigor!  Pulsatilla is the first to bloom.  It looks all fragile and delicate with it’s soft ferny foliage and dramatic flowers, but it … Continue reading

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Nourishing Ourselves = Peace of Mind

About West Nile and Zika:  From all my research on the subjects, I understand that both West Nile and the Zika virus  symptoms can be very mild – almost imperceptible – in many cases.  At other times, the symptoms are flu-like. … Continue reading

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Springtime arrives! Roses, Berries and Vines…

It’s so exciting watching the new gardens come to life! Roses First I brought seven roses from our Longmont gardens. Apothecary, Francesca, Rose de Rescht, Angel Face, Ebb Tide, Lyda Rose, and Rosa Glauca.  Most had only been planted in … Continue reading

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Yet another blog about whole foods

Soon I’ll be blogging about my new gardens in extreme detail, but I just wanted to get in one more reminder about the amazing healing power of species-appropriate whole foods.  For humans and dogs, and, really, all living beings, this … Continue reading

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Medicinal Honey!

I’m so grateful that honey is still available to us.  Some bees are managing to survive the unbelievable onslaught of herbicide and pesticide use in this country.  They continue pollinating our fields and gardens, gathering food for the next generation … Continue reading

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Enhance Your Dream Life with the Energetics of Fragrant Herbs

 “Plants, especially those that are used in their whole form, are infused with life force energy or qi.” Fragrance is one of the ways plants communicate with their environment.  For humans, fragrance is processed in the brain’s limbic system, an … Continue reading

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Surround yourself with plants that nourish mind, body and soul

Why not surround yourself with beautiful and highly energetic plants that can contribute to your health and well being by offering nutrients, fruit, or medicine?  Even in small spaces, on patios or inside the house, plants are good companions when … Continue reading

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Beautiful color combinations for your gardens

I love combining colors in the garden!  Sometimes it happens by accident, but mostly I think carefully about which plants I want growing together.  I consider bloom time, how aggressively the plants grow, what exposure they thrive in, and what … Continue reading

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